Desperately seeking Sister

This might be a crazy idea, but as the blog universe is growing, I'll give it a shot!

I'm looking for my long lost sister Chrystal. Her maiden name is Trask, her middle name Louise. She was born 1968 in Ipswich in England.
Her mother was Rita Trask (maiden name Winterford). Her father (who was my stepfather) is Steven B. Trask.

I saw Chrystal last in 1970, at the time we were living with our Aunt Audrey Moss in Rhode Island, after our mother past away.

In October 1970 I moved to Germany to live with my father and his wife. Steven remarried and Chrytsal went to stay with them.

I will be adding more details on all relatives as far as I have them and the few pictures I have to this blog. If any of this rings a bell, please leave a message and help me find Chrystal!

Steven B. Trask

All I know and remember about Steve:
Full name: Steven B. Trask
Sister: Patricia
Brother: Mike
His mothers nickname: Micky
Parents lived in Massachusetts near Boston (either in Quincy or Braintree?) in 1970.
He was in the US Air Force, stationed at Otis AFB at the time as Air Traffic Control Technician.
Before that time he was stationed in England, where he met our mother Rita.
Steve loved fishing.